Escape the Dark
Nevermore Film Festival presents


Escape opens on Jackie, an energetic geek with an overactive imagination, and Rachel, her grounded roommate, as they swap scary stories. While their tales are different, they both agree: the best stories start with a mystery. This is put to the test when an old man suddenly appears and dies in their living room... and all they're left with is a warning: "It sees you...”  Meanwhile, Jon---a young man overwhelmed by his professional life---finds himself caring for his roommate, August, who suffers from depression. August has retreated into their apartment, shutting out the world to feel safe. But now, he and Jon are trapped inside, haunted by ghostly figures and a sinister entity.



10-Pass $80 | Single Tickets $10
(US, 100 min)

Friday, February 23

9:00pm   Cinema One

Saturday, February 24

5:00pm   Fletcher Hall


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