Echoes Of Fear
Nevermore Film Festival presents

Echoes of Fear

From Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley, co-directors of Ghost of the Needle (Nevermore 2003) and Dark Remains (Nevermore 2006), comes this terrifying haunted house chiller in the tradition of What Lies Beneath and Stir of Echoes

After inheriting her grandfather’s home due to his sudden death, Alysa returns to her childhood house to make the necessary repairs in order to sell it. But as she begins packing her grandfather’s belongings, something inside the house starts spooking her. Even her pet mouse senses a presence. And now, within the secret rooms and hidden crawlspaces beneath the estate, Alysa realizes that she must confront the mystery of her grandfather’s past and the evil that hides inside his house.

Saturday, March 9: Post-Film Q&A after 3:10 p.m. screening

Sunday, March 10: Post-Film Q&A after 4:10 p.m. screening


Individual tickets: $10 | 10-Pass $80
(Dir. Brian & Laurence Avenet-Bradley, US, 90 min)

Saturday, March 9

3:10pm   Cinema One

Sunday, March 10

4:10pm   Cinema Two


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