Don't Put Me on Display
NCGLFF presents

Don't Put Me on Display

She's Marrying Steve, Parker, Girl Talk, Check Out, Flamingo, Inertia, Kenosis Kiss, Foxy Trot
Women's Drama about Couples

Connections cross with exhilarating results in these 8 fantastic short films. United States: A married couple unexpectedly faces their relationship issues while taking ballroom dance lessons in a very heteronormative class in Foxy Trot. A couple gets into a tiff on the way home from a social event in Parker. On the last day of an expiring romance, a woman reflects on all that has transpired to bring her to this final moment in Inertia. In She's Marrying Steve, a twenty-something woman gets invited to her ex-girlfriend's wedding to a man and decides to go. Despite her disapproval of the wedding, she travels to Connecticut for the weekend where she reunites with old friends and her ex and gains a new perspective on her past relationship. In Girl Talk, Mia explores the disparity between emotional and physical intimacy, coming to a head when she meets an intriguing couple. Australia: Kanosis Kiss is the story of Emily, a young woman realizing that choosing between the God she loves and the woman she loves is something she doesn't know if she can do. Spain: Laura wakes up with a hangover in Lucia's home. She wants to get out of there, but Lucia convinces her to have breakfast with her in Flamingo. France: Lucy and Josephine have been together for a long time. To keep their love intact, they have their own special stragegy or else they may have to Check Out.


Congratulations to director Lisa Donato - Best Women's US Short: - Foxy Trot

Congratulations to Rhianon Jones - Best Women's Short Screenplay - Parker

(Various Countries, 94 min)

Saturday, August 18

12:50pm   Cinema One

Tuesday, August 21

5:00pm   Cinema One

Thursday, August 23

3:20pm   Fletcher Hall


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