Blood Out of a Stone
NCGLFF presents

Deal Your Own Deck

Blood Out of a Stone, Breathing Through a Straw, Vertical Lines, Ace, Versatile, Elwood Takes a Lover
Men’s Drama Shorts

Here’s a collection of 6 amazing shorts with more high drama than anyone could expect. Canada: Inspired by a true story, Breathing Through a Straw explores the consequences of secrets. When a hookup ends in homicide, Parker decides to confront the man who abused him as a child. In Vertical Lines, Dave and Andrew reach a new level of closeness in their relationship when they share their personal experiences with self-harm. Spain: Alex and Hugo are a young couple who start as a simple discussion that will expose some important issues about the necessary things needed to make a relationship work in Versatile. United Kingdom: Set against the backdrop of Central and East London, Blood Out of a Stone explores the modern dating scene, gay identity and loneliness. United States: Set within an intimate group of friends in college, Ace follows the emotional journey of a shy newcomer who discovers an attraction to a longstanding group-member that he can neither ignore nor fully embrace. In Elwood Takes a Lover, a dying woman suspects her husband is a closeted homosexual and decides to track down the man she thinks was his original love.


(Various Countries, 99 min)

Friday, August 17

2:50pm   Cinema One

Sunday, August 19

5:00pm   Fletcher Hall

Monday, August 20

5:00pm   Cinema Two


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