David Cronenberg's THE DEAD ZONE & Stephen King's MISERY
Retrofantasma Film Series presents

David Cronenberg's THE DEAD ZONE & Stephen King's MISERY


David Cronenberg's THE DEAD ZONE (R, 1983, 103 min)

Based on Stephen King's novel, this was Cronenberg's first foray into mainstream horror filmmaking! One fateful night, Johnny Smith (Walken) smashes head-on into an enormous truck. For five long years, Johnny is plunged into a deep coma. When he awakens, he discovers that his youth, his career and his fiancee Sara (Brooke Adams) have all been lost. But Johnny has gained something---extraordinary psychic powers allowing him to see visions of the past, present and future. In episode after episode, Johnny is propelled into horror-filled, supernatural experiences. Desperately, Johnny seeks seclusion, but a moral decision must be made---should he use his powers to change the future of mankind?

followed by

Stephen King's MISERY (R, 1990, 109 min)

After his car crashes in the mountains during a blinding snowstorm, famous novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) is "rescued" from a car crash by Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates in an Academy Award-winning role), a fan obsessed with the main character in his series of novels. But when Wilkes reads his latest book--and learns he has killed her favorite character--she teaches Sheldon the real meaning of Misery.


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Friday, March 29

7:00pm   Cinema One


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