Dario Argento’s PHENOMENA: Uncut Version
SplatterFlix Film Series Presents

Dario Argento’s PHENOMENA: Uncut Version

Dario Argento’s PHENOMENA: Uncut Version (R, 1985, 116 min.)

Jennifer Corvino (Jennifer Connelly in one of her first films) is sent to a private academy where a vicious killer is on the loose. Jennifer is a “gifted” girl with the strange ability to communicate with insects, and Dr. McGregor (Donald Pleasence) enlists her to help locate the killer. Jennifer finds herself in a bizarre murder plot with maggots, mutants, and a razor-wielding chimpanzee! Can she uncover the killer’s identity before becoming a victim herself? 

Certain restored scenes are in Italian with English subtitles

NO CLOSED CAPTIONING (Hearing-impaired)
NO AUDIO DESCRIPTION (Visual-impaired)

$9.50 | Ten-Passes $80
(R, 1985, 116 min.)

Saturday, October 12

7:00pm   Cinema One

Sunday, October 13

8:00pm   Cinema One


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