Colin Higgins' Nine to Five
MovieDiva Film Series presents

Colin Higgins' Nine to Five

Getting even is a full-time job.

Lilly Tomlin as a veteran secretary, Jane Fonda as the new “girl” and Dolly Parton, the innocent accused of being the office tramp, are the crack comic team making a stand against office harassment decades before #metoo. The second wave of feminism was born when female civil rights and anti-war protesters realized they were still getting the coffee, even as they were agitating for others' rights. Jane Fonda’s producing partner interviewed working women about their job complaints, and then about their fantasies, transforming what was to be a serious work into farce—even more effective at getting the point across. Finally, beleaguered secretaries get a chance to wreak revenge as feminism changes offices forever in this pencil point sharp political comedy. If you’re not already singing Dolly Parton’s catchy theme song of solidarity, you will. 

(PG, 1980, 110 min)

Wednesday, October 24

7:00pm   Cinema One


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