Coen Brothers' Millers Crossing
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Up is down, black is white, and nothing is what it seems.

Gabriel Byrne stars as Tom, a loyal Lieutenant of a crime boss named Leo (Albert Finney) who is in a turf war with his major rival, Johnny Caspar. A man of principle, Tom nevertheless is romantically involved with Leo's lover (Marcia Gay Harden), whose brother (John Turturro) escapes a hit ordered by Caspar only to become Tom's problem. Making matters worse, Tom has outstanding gambling debts he can't pay. With its Hammett-like dialogue and Byzantine plot and moral chaos mitigated by one hero's personal code, the film so transcends its self-scrutiny as a retro-crime thriller that it is a deserved classic in its own right.

10 Pass $80 | Single Tickets $9.50
(R, 1990, 115 min)

Friday, July 20

4:30pm   Cinema One

Saturday, July 21

7:10pm   Cinema One

Sunday, July 22

8:50pm   Cinema One


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