Clint Eastwood's PALE RIDER & TRUE GRIT
RetroClassics Film Series presents

Clint Eastwood's PALE RIDER & TRUE GRIT

Clint Eastwood's PALE RIDER (R, 1985, 116 min)

After corporate mining boss Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart) begins a terror campaign to drive independent pan miners out of the area, a stranger called Preacher (Clint Eastwood) rides into the underdogs' camp. He becomes their avenger. The tycoon then hires a badge-wearing killer (John Russell) and his duster-shrouded deputies; men loyal to whoever pays the most. LaHood pays in gold. But in a climactic shootout to remember, Preacher pays in lead.

followed by

TRUE GRIT (G, 1969, 127 min)

John Wayne won an Academy Award for his performance as the drunken, uncouth and totally fearless one-eyed U.S. Marshall, Rooster Cogburn. The cantankerous Rooster is hired by a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) to find the man who murdered her father and fled with the family savings. The situation goes from troubled to disastrous when an inexperienced but enthusiastic Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) joins the party.

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Friday, August 18

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