Charles Band's PARASITE IN 3-D
Splatterflix Film Series presents - 35mm Presentation

Charles Band's PARASITE IN 3-D

Once it gets inside you, it will do anything to get out!

In this gory sci-fi outing, Dr. Paul Dean’s scientific research causes him to absorb an especially voracious parasitic worm, which feeds inside the human stomach until it becomes strong enough to burst out in search of a new host. In time, Dean is able to extract the creature from his body, but soon it escapes from captivity, and Dean and his friend Patricia (Demi Moore in her first starring role) must find a way to stop it as they find themselves on the run from brutal government agent and a gang of thugs. 


10 Pass $80 | Single Tickets $9.50
(R, 1982, 83 min)

Friday, October 12

5:10pm   Cinema One

Saturday, October 13

5:20pm   Cinema One


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