Buddha's Palm
The Retro Film Series and AGFA present The Shaw Brothers: Volume One

Buddha's Palm

A fun-filled ‘80s reboot of the classic ‘60s Shaw Brothers series, featuring super-extending legs delivering kicks from a distance, dwarfs that squirt Alien-like acid pus from their spots, and pet dragons. There’s direct reference to Hollywood fantasy output of the time, particularly Star Wars and Superman:The Movie. Ku Han-hun (Alex Man Chi-leung)---upon finding his master near death after locking himself away in the hall of a Thousand Buddhas---carries out his revenge against the entire kung fu community. He does a pretty good job using his master’s Buddha’s Palm technique---a style that amounts to holding a martial art stance while animated palms and swastikas (in their original Buddhist context) emanate from his hands. In fact only four clan heads can withstand this self-christened ‘Evil Fire God’s’ power. After a terrible battle at Tianshan these four hold fast against Han-hun, and leave him for dead. And that’s just the opening credits.

In Cantonese & Mandarin w/Eng.subtitles.

10-Pass $80 | Single Tickets $10
(1982, 93 min)

Friday, April 27

2:15pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, April 29

7:00pm   Cinema One

Thursday, May 3

4:30pm   Cinema One


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