Brian De Palma's BODY DOUBLE & Brian De Palma's SISTERS

Brian De Palma's BODY DOUBLE & Brian De Palma's SISTERS


Brian De Palma's BODY DOUBLE 35th Anniversary Presentation! (R, 1984, 114 min)

Finally available after many years, this is classic DePalma at the top of his game! Jake Scully (Craig Wasson), an unemployed actor, is asked to house-sit at a luxurious hillside apartment in LA. The home offers Jake a telescopic peek into the bedroom of Gloria Revells (Deborah Shelton), who performs an arousing striptease. When Jake discovers another man is also spying on Gloria, he begins an obsessive surveillance of her. Soon a grisly murder leads him into the world of X-rated film where he meets sexy porn queen Holly Body (Melanie Griffith), who is a key to the crime.

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Brian De Palma's SISTERS (R, 1973, 93 min)

Sisters is not Brian De Palma's first film, but in many ways it is the first to reveal (and revel in) his affinity with Hitchcock. Margot Kidder stars as an aspiring actress whose one-night stand leads to a homicidal morning-after. Jennifer Salt is a reporter with more moxie than tact who sees the killing from her apartment window across the way. When the police fail to turn up any evidence, Salt investigates with a private eye (Charles Durning), uncovering  the secret story of a pair of Siamese twins. It's a mystery simmering in a stew of voyeurism, guilt, sex, and obsession. De Palma borrows from Rear Window, Psycho and Vertigo, and Bernard Herrmann quotes from his own Hitchcock scores (notably Psycho), but the result is more original than you might imagine


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Friday, May 3

7:00pm   Cinema One


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