The Boogeywomen
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The Boogeywomen

Post-Apocalyptic Potluck, Maricruz, Held Down by a Shadow, Setback, Heal, Devi (Goddess), Tell Me Twice, Easy Abby
Women’s Dark Drama and Comedy Shorts

The strength and resilience of the lesbian community and family is at the fore of this diverse program of shorts. United States: Easy Abby is about a 31 year-old lesbian mechanic, chronic seducer, and truth teller who is great in bed, but mostly wants to be left alone. In Episode 7 of Season 2 of this series, we meet her bipolar mother plus a new love interest, who may not be who she says she is! When Natalie spontaneously runs into her ex at a party, she is forced to confront her feelings, and juggle her feelings for her new love interest in Tell Me TwiceHeld Down by a Shadow is the story of a teenager who is lonely, self-medicated and, most of all, afraid. Scarlett wants to take the next step in her relationship and have sex. But there's just one problem---the closer she gets to her girlfriend, the closer her nighty "visitor" gets. When her devoutly Catholic mother walks in on her and her girlfriend, a 16-year-old Maricruz is sent to the local church to undergo conversion therapy; while there, she discovers that the priest who runs the program is harboring a dark secret. Three women gather for a Post-Apocalyptic Potluck just as the world comes to an end. India: Tara is a feisty teenager living with her single mother: A proud and elaborate woman, who resists her daughter's fleeting outbursts of rebellion in Devi (Goddess). Israel: How many chocolates does it take to Heal a broken heart? Brazil: Despite her efforts and dissatisfaction, Eva is unable to end her relationship in Setback.


(Various Countries, 92 min)

Thursday, August 16

9:30pm   Cinema One

Sunday, August 19

3:00pm   Cinema One

Thursday, August 23

9:20pm   Cinema One


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