Black Magic 2
The Retro Film Series and AGFA present The Shaw Brothers: Volume One

Black Magic 2

Pubic hair and breast milk are used in magic invocations, spikes are driven through zombies’ heads, worms writhe underneath peoples’ skin and voodoo dolls are utilized in eye-opening fashion. It’s damn good! Shaw Brothers horror films are usually enjoyed for their sheer outrageousness. They could deliver scares, gore, nudity and outlandish supernatural elements without necessarily having to make sense, and they would still be entertaining enough to generate cash. They provided entertainment first and foremost at the expense of most anything else. There’s love spells involved, all kinds of shady cult material and an SFX-laden showdown that seals the deal with a crazy wizard battle.

In Mandarin w/Eng. subtitles.

10-Pass $80 | Single Tickets $10
(1976, 85 min)

Friday, April 27

4:20pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, April 29

9:30pm   Cinema One

Thursday, May 3

9:30pm   Cinema One


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