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Recent high school grad Joey (Lola Kirke, Mozart in the Jungle) is scooping ice cream at the local fair when she meets Rayna (Breeda Wool), a leggy blonde in Daisy Dukes who likes drinking and flirting, and who has a weakness for "them tomboys," as her grandmother calls them. Rayna takes Joey home along with some ice cream, and soon Joey is head-over-heels in love and lust - even after she discovers that the older woman has a couple of kids and a trucker husband named Roy. This story of star-crossed love provides a nuanced depiction of working-class life in rural America. Tensions mount as Rayna and Joey's relationship moves from summertime fling to something more serious. While the pair are creative about setting up clandestine meetings - in a barn, the front seat of a pickup, and, most memorably, a tent - they have a hard time imagining a life together. "Would you go into the army if you were rich?" asks a college-going lesbian friend of Joey." "Probably not, " she answers laconically. In this movie, the price of same-gender love is steepest for those who can least afford it.

10-Pass $85 | Individual Tickets $10
(US, 85 min)

Saturday, August 13

7:10pm   Fletcher Hall

Saturday, August 20

11:10am   Cinema One


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