She Never Died
Nevermore Film Festival Presents

Audrey Cummings’ She Never Died

The violent, high octane “sequel” to the Henry Rollins horror cult classic He Never Died is essentially a standalone female version of the earlier film, starring the amazing Olunike Adeliyi as the eternal hero. Though it helps to be familiar with the first film, you catch on quickly with plot early.  Lacey, a socially detached loner is cursed with immortality and her never-ending tedium of existence. In her attempts to keep her compulsions in check, she seeks out the darkest souls humanity has to offer. Lacey must now face her own inner demons while simultaneously finding her next meal.

Individual tickets: $10 | 10-passes: $80
(Audrey Cummings, Canada, 2019, 90 min.)

Friday, February 28

5:00pm   Cinema One

Saturday, February 29

9:00pm   Cinema One


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