Some Kind of Wonderful
NCGLFF presents


Some Kind of Wonderful, Luber, Everything Must Go, My Love, Magic H8 Ball, Scheideweg - Teenage Threesome, The Best Moment, The Shit
Men's Comedy Shorts

6:50PM Screening on August 17 is SOLD OUT

This collection of 7 funny shorts ranges from sweet to subversively campy then heads way-over-the-top. United States: When Sam, Steve and Tony move to Palm Springs, they imagine it’s a quiet sleepy retirement town. Little do they know that Palm Springs is a happening booming city with more adventures than they can imagine. Blend together the Golden Girls, Desperate Housewives and a gay male version of Sex and the City and you have Some Kind of Wonderful.  Frankie attempts to become a power bottom in The Shit!  Burned by a cheating boyfriend (and some mild chlamydia) a heartbroken pushover turns to a mysterious Magic H8 Ball for the answers. In Luber, a single awkward businessman finds himself attracted to his hunky, ride-share driver, but must fight for a chance with him when they pick up an annoying passenger, who wants the driver for himself. Germany: Scheideweg (Teenage Threesome) involves one Boy, one Girl, and her stepbrother. What could possibly go wrong? Spain: How will you know when is The Best Moment?  Canada: A young intellectual and his boyfriend witness the destruction of the neighborhood movie theatre where they fell in love in Everything Must Go, My Love


(Various Countries, 89 min)

Friday, August 17

6:50pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, August 19

7:10pm   Cinema One

Thursday, August 23

5:00pm   Cinema One


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