Some Kind of Wonderful
NCGLFF presents


Some Kind of Wonderful, Luber, Everything Must Go, My Love, Magic H8 Ball, Scheideweg - Teenage Threesome, The Best Moment, The Shit
Men's Comedy Shorts

This collection of 7 funny shorts ranges from sweet to subversively campy then heads way-over-the-top. United States: When Sam, Steve and Tony move to Palm Springs, they imagine it’s a quiet sleepy retirement town. Little do they know that Palm Springs is a happening booming city with more adventures than they can imagine. Blend together the Golden Girls, Desperate Housewives and a gay male version of Sex and the City and you have Some Kind of Wonderful.  Frankie attempts to become a power bottom in The Shit!  Burned by a cheating boyfriend (and some mild chlamydia) a heartbroken pushover turns to a mysterious Magic H8 Ball for the answers. In Luber, a single awkward businessman finds himself attracted to his hunky, ride-share driver, but must fight for a chance with him when they pick up an annoying passenger, who wants the driver for himself. Germany: Scheideweg (Teenage Threesome) involves one Boy, one Girl, and her stepbrother. What could possibly go wrong? Spain: How will you know when is The Best Moment?  Canada: A young intellectual and his boyfriend witness the destruction of the neighborhood movie theatre where they fell in love in Everything Must Go, My Love


10-Pass $85 | On Sale July 27th.
(Various Countries, 89 min)

Friday, August 17

6:50pm   Cinema Two

Sunday, August 19

7:10pm   Cinema One

Thursday, August 23

5:00pm   Cinema One


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