Andrei Tarkovsky’s THE SACRIFICE
RetroArtHouse Film Series presents

Andrei Tarkovsky’s THE SACRIFICE

New 4K Restoration!

Andrei Tarkovsky's final masterpiece! As a wealthy Swedish family celebrates the birthday of their patriarch Alexander, news of the outbreak of World War III reaches their remote Baltic island — and the happy mood turns to horror. The family descends into a state of psychological devastation. For Alexander, the prospect of certain extinction compels the ultimate sacrifice, and he enters into a Faustian bargain with God to save his loved ones from the fear which grips them. The director's last film, made as he was dying of cancer, The Sacrifice is Tarkovsky's personal statement, a moving, redemptive tragedy steeped in unforgettable imagery and heart-wrenching emotion.

In Swedish and French w/Eng. subtitles

10-Pass $80 | Single Ticket $9.50
(PG, 1986, Sweden/France, 145 min)

Saturday, June 23

6:10pm   Fletcher Hall

Sunday, June 24

6:10pm   Cinema One


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