An Almost Ordinary Summer | NCGLFF 2019
Centerpiece Selection


THEMES: Activism | Comedy | Drama | Lesbian | Relationships | North Carolina Connection | Transgender | Youth (13+)

Italy / 100 min / Director Simone Godano

In this hilarious and affecting romantic comedy, two very different families spend their holidays in the same house at the seaside: the aristocratic Castelvecchios, open-minded, eccentric, but quite selfish; and the working-class Petagnas, very tight-knit, and united around solid conservative values. What brought such distant worlds together? Only Tony and Carlo, the two middle-aged heads of the families, know! The unexpected announcement of their engagement will disrupt an apparently ordinary summer, and turn the lives of everyone around them upside down. But their commitment is soon put to the test by their stunned families, especially the eldest children, who are convinced that the match is wrong for all sorts of reasons and set out to derail the nuptials. Will love triumph in the end, or is it (as the Italian title would put it) a blessing and a curse? It’s La Cage aux Folles meets Mamma Mia! in this light-hearted and surprisingly touching Mediterranean charmer.

In Italian with English subtitles.

$10 Individual Tickets | $85 10-Passes
(Dir. Simone Godano, Italy, 100 min)

Saturday, August 17

7:00pm   Cinema One

Wednesday, August 21

5:00pm   Cinema One


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