Alfred Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND & Alfred Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS
RetroClassics Film Series presents

Alfred Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND & Alfred Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS

Double Feature

Alfred Hitchcock's SPELLBOUND (1945, 111 min)

Dr. Constance Petersen (Ingrid Bergman) is a psychiatrist with a firm understanding of human nature. When the mysterious Dr. Anthony Edwardes (Gregory Peck) becomes the new chief of staff at her institution, the bookish Constance plummets into a whirlwind of tangled identities and feverish psychoanalysis, where the greatest risk is to fall in love. Spellbound  is classic Hitchcock, featuring stunning performances, an Academy Award-winning score by Miklos Rozsa, and a captivating dream sequence by Surrealist icon Salvador Dali.

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Alfred Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS (1946, 102 min)

Ingrid Bergman plays the daughter of a disgraced father who is recruited by American agents to infiltrate a post-World War II spy ring in Brazil. Her control agent is Cary Grant, who treats her with disdain while developing a deep romantic bond with her. Her assignment is to marry the suspected head of the ring (Claude Rains) and get the goods on everyone involved. Danger, deceit, betrayal---and, yes, romance---all come together in a nearly perfect blend as the film builds to a terrific (and surprising) climax. Grant and Bergman rarely have been better.



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Friday, August 3

7:00pm   Cinema One


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