Sorry, this event has passed. It took place on Saturday, May 4, 2013.
The Carolina Theatre presents

Tig Notaro

Saturday, May 4 | 8:00 pm

On August 3rd at Largo Theater in Los Angeles, Tig Notaro made a seemingly nonchalant detour in her stand-up routine to announce that she had breast cancer, just days after being diagnosed.  Her blend of humor and matter of fact approach left comedy fans riveted, many in both tears and laughter.  Wrote Louis CK to his twitter followers: “In my 27 years doing this I have seen a handful of truly masterful performances.  One was Tig Notaro last night at Largo.”  Blogger Kira Hesser felt compelled to write an amazing piece after the show, which The Huffington Post published the following day.  Between the blog and Louis CK’s tweet, news of Tig’s performance went viral over night with Tig trending on Twitter internationally.  Large profiles of Tig with The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Fast Company, Huffington Post and an appearance on Conan quickly followed, with other profiles being scheduled as we speak with Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Dr. Oz, etc.  The natural momentum of Tig’s story continues to crescendo with new developments on a daily basis.  Tig recently closed a book deal with a top publishing house, Ecco, an imprint of Harper Collins, in a competitive 6-way bidding war.  In Tig’s This American Life appearance on October 5th there was a 10 minute teaser from the Largo show.  That same day, Louis CK released Tig’s performance in its entirety as her sophomore album, entitled LIVE (as in, continue to live) exclusively from his website.

LIVE encompasses the previous four months of Tig’s life leading up to that night at Largo.  The juxtaposition of career highs like never experienced before with personal lows that many human beings may never experience in a lifetime.  On the heels of shooting her pilot, Tig came down with pneumonia, then while beginning work filming the feature In a World, Tig contracted a deadly bacterial infection in her digestive tract, causing her to lose 20 pounds and be hospitalized for a week.  Shortly after being discharged, Tig's mother tragically and unexpectedly died from an accidental fall.  A couple of weeks later, Tig went on to perform her amazing “Taylor Dayne” bit on This American Life to effusive praise and national attention.  This lead to a review in The New York Times, an inclusion in Entertainment Weekly, followed by profiles in Esquire Magazine and The Daily.  In the midst of all this heartbreak and chaos, Tig then endured a break up, and just a day before taking the stage at Largo, was diagnosed with stage 2 bi-lateral breast cancer.  This recording is a raw, real and an insightful detailing of a human being and stand-up comic assessing a horrible set of circumstances in a calm, clever and clear manner.


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