Moonchild & The Internet: May 7
Sorry, this event has passed. It took place on Saturday, May 7, 2016.
The Art of Cool Festival presents

Moonchild & The Internet

Opening Act: The Beast
Saturday, May 7 | 8PM


To the uninitiated and unschooled festivalgoers, Los Angeles jazz-soul trio Moonchild may have been Art of Cool Fest 2015’s most unanticipated, jaw-dropping act, which may be one of the reasons why Moonchild is one of only a couple of acts (Christian Scott and Butcher Brown,) to be invited back for a second consecutive year. Upon Moonchild’s 2016 return to Durham, they will have long completed a two-and-a-half-month U.S. tour with millennial-soul outfit The Internet, and made a nice home at Brighton, England-based independent label Tru Thoughts Recordings (Alice Russell, Quantic, Mark De Clive-Lowe, etc), who will have re-released Moonchild’s self-released 2014 LP, Please Rewind, with bonus material and fresh cover art. With a smart and hip label behind its back, Moonchild has already seen the increased traction of songs from Press Rewind, such as “The Truth,” in which a feline litheness crawls out of frontwoman Amber Navran’s voice over sap-filled snares and syrupy jazz horns. Moonchild’s earlier work, namely its 2012 debut LP Be Free, has seen a different kind of rebirth. A horn section from that album’s closing track “What Shall We Do” was recently sampled and looped on rapper Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM album for the song “Two Matches.” So, familiarity should be the least of Moonchild’s worries this time around. They’ve got it covered. Soon, your favorite may even be doing Moonchild covers. They probably already are. —Eric Tullis


-THE INTERNET began as two people – Syd and Matt. Syd taught herself how to record, engineer, and produce at age 15. She also sings, imbuing every song with a sultry, mellifluous, quiet power. Matt produces and plays synths. She’s now 23; he’s now 26. Like all post-modern relationships, the duo initially met on Myspace in 2008, only to meet in-person three years later.

-THE INTERNET have released two albums previously – 2011’s Purple Naked Ladies, and 2012’s Feel Good.

-THE INTERNET branched off from the Odd Future collective and started their own band in 2011. Syd had been writing music since she was small; she put this on hold to become OF’s DJ and producer, and picked her songs back up in 2011 to make her first full-length album with Matt.

-When they play live, THE INTERNET is a band – a six-person outfit whose youngest member is 17. They began playing as a full-band in order to tour behind Feel Good, and the band members all contributed their talents to THE INTERNET’s forthcoming album.

No Cameras
No Outside Food or Drink
No Backpacks
No Video Recording Devices


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