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Peggy Mullen 1935-2015

Peggy Mullen 1935-2015

Former longtime Carolina Theatre employee Peggy Mullen, 79, passed away at her home in Durham on Sunday.

Former longtime Carolina Theatre employee Peggy Mullen, 79, passed away at her home in Durham last Sunday. From her tireless work as one of the dedicated volunteers who helped save our Theatre in the 1980s to her decades of distinguished service in our box office through 2013, Peggy was a cherished member of our community who will be deeply missed.

Cinemas Closed Mar. 29 - Apr 2 For Seat Installation

The cinemas at the Carolina Theatre will be closed March 28, 2015 - April 2, 2015 for new seat installation.



Remember when you kindly pledged funds on Kickstarter to help the Carolina Theatre get cushy new seats for its cinemas? Well, there was a catch: the cinemas must close for a few days for seat installation.

Thanks For Funding Our Kickstarter! Let’s Keep It Going…

Help Fund New Cinema Seats

Supporters successfully funded the Carolina Theatre of Durham's Kickstarter for new cinema seats.

Late Tuesday morning, the 227th pledge pushed our Kickstarter fund drive past the $25,000 goal we set to help fund our new cinema seats. That is awesome!

Thanks to all who have backed the project thus far. You saved our butts — and yours. We can’t wait for you to see your first film while sitting in the new seats. Installation is scheduled for this April.

Meshell Ndegeocello Comes To Durham This Week

Singer-songwriter Meshell Ndegeocello will perform at the Carolina Theatre of Durham on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

Throughout her 20-plus years as a performing artist, Meshell Ndegeocello has remained true to her creative craft. We'll welcome her to Durham on Wednesday for a live performance.

Maria Bamford Show Part of NC Comedy Arts Festival’s 15th Anniversary

Comedian Maria Bamford headlines the 15th annual North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

Comedian Maria Bamford has found fun — and a career — in her neuroses. The wonderfully wacky and pricelessly awkward stand-up artist performs at the Carolina Theatre of Durham on Sat. Feb. 14.

Rhiannon Giddens Brings Buzz To Durham

Rhiannon Giddens, the lead singer of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, will play a solo show at the Carolina Theatre of Durham on April 2.

Sometimes musical artists find themselves at the intersection of critical acclaim and blossoming popularity. Rhiannon Giddens owns that space right now — and she’s coming to the Carolina Theatre of Durham on April 2.

Cinema Seats Kickstarter More Than Halfway To Funding Goal

The Carolina Theatre's Kickstarter campaign for new cinema seats is halfway to its goal.

Just three weeks after launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund new seats for our cinemas, the Carolina Theatre of Durham has received support from more than 100 backers who have donated more than half of the drive’s stated $25,000 goal. (The entire project will cost more than $60,000.)

Chef Robert Irvine Ready To Take A Bite Out Of Durham

Chef Robert Irvine's new live show coming to the Carolina Theatre of Durham is completely revamped for 2015.

Chef Robert Irvine brings his culinary wizardry to Durham tonight with his new, interactive live show Robert Irvine: Live. On this tour, the star of the Food Network series Restaurant: Impossible endures wacky challenges, encourages audience participation and engages fans via social media during the performance.

What can you expect from the show? Well...

Shelby Lynne Will Play 2 Albums & More in Durham

Country music star Shelby Lynne will play 2 full albums worth of material plus other hits at her rescheduled show at the Carolina Theatre of Durham on May 18.

Shelby Lynne has rescheduled her Feb. 13 Club Carolina show at the Carolina Theatre of Durham, and she’ll be delivering a very special performance when she plays here on May 18.

John Waters’ ‘Filthy’ Grammy-Nominated Self Comes To Durham

Director, writer and comedian John Waters brings his 'This Filthy World' show to the Carolina Theatre of Durham on Feb. 6.

You know who reminds us of John Waters? No one. And that’s why we love him.

An American counterculture hero, Waters brings his one-man show ‘This Filthy World’ to Durham on Friday, Feb. 6. The 2015 version of ‘Filthy’ is completely re-worked from the past iterations - not surprising at all for a director, writer, actor and artist who seems to never stop challenging himself.


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