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My Take by Jim Carl - July 1, 2013


My Top 5 "Gotcha!" Moments in Movies

My Take by Jim Carl - June 11, 2013

Jim returns from the Way Back Machine to review Star Trek into Darkness.

I can'’t believe I'’m about to write this, but I hated Star Trek into Darkness, and that'’s not an easy thing for me to confess.  I’'ve spent the majority of my life watching Star Trek movies.  I have seen every single feature film in a theatre and can remember where I was when each was released.  My Aunt Eva is to blame for introducing me to the Trek universe because, growing up in West Texas, it was one of her favorite TV shows when we were kids.  (In other words, I had no choice other than watch Star Trek because it was the 1970s and my grandparent’s

My Take by Jim Carl - June 7

Old School is always better. Discuss.

When I read that 2012 was James Bond's 50th anniversary, I remember thinking that something was a little off.  I could have sworn that Bond's first movie, Dr. No, was released in 1963, which would have made 2012 his 49th anniversary, but no, I read on IMDB that it was indeed 1962.  That still didn't feel quite right to me.  A little research later and I learned that---technically---I was right.  Dr.

My Take by Jim Carl - May 22, 2013

35mm vs Digital. The battle is over.

We all knew this day would eventually come. I've fought the good fight for as long as I could, but my war is over.  For fifteen years, Retro has proudly been an all-35mm film series.  The day has come when it can't.

My Take by Jim Carl - March 29

Stars. Robert Cummings, Joseph Cotton, James Stewart, Farley Granger, John Dall, Jane Wyman, Michael Wilding, Richard Todd, Marlene Dietrich, Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Vera Miles, Kim Novak, James Mason, Martin Landau, Eva Marie Saint, Anthony Perkins, Janet leigh, Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor, Sean Connery, Paul Newman and Julie Andrews. Enough said.

Audience response for May 2012’s An Alfred Hitchcock Retrospective was amazing.  What had been programmed as an admittedly eclectic mix of Mr. Hitchcock’s lesser-seen films (The 39 Steps, The Paradine Case) alongside some of his masterpieces turned into the highest-attended film series produced by the Carolina Theatre since its re-opening in 1994.  To say I was blindsided would be an understatement.  Never underestimate the popularity of Hitchcock people later told me.

My Take by Jim Carl - January 2, 2013

Really, I only asked him to watch Hugo, (c'mon, it's Scorsese's love story to movies) not Tin Tin. I thought he'd like it. Meanwhile said editor is revelling through glorious old movies like People Will Talk with Cary Grant and The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart.

My editor informs me that I'm stuck in the 70s and 80s.  She says this as if it's a bad thing.  I'll admit, those are indeed my favorite decades for movies.  In her honor---and also so she'll stop tugging at my pantsleeve about being a repetitive old fart, for pity's sake---I've made it my 2013 New Year's Resolution to watch a handful of movies every quarter that I would otherwise have no interest whatsoever in seeing.  I hope this makes her and her empire of cats very happy. 

My Take by Jim Carl - The Holiday Edition

That comment about the ego in #10. So not true.

2012’s All I Want for Christmas Wish List

Toys for Tots Drive - December

Please help us make the holidays special for a child by dropping off an unwrapped toy for our Toys for Tots drive.

This year, Michael Jordan Nissan and BB&T are sponsoring the Carolina Theatre annual Toys for Tots drive. This is one of our favorite events, and we're kicking it off at the Dav Koz & Friends show on Saturday, December 1st. We'll also be collecting toys during the Natalie MacMaster Christmas in Cape Breton show on Wednesday, December 12.   Each year, we collect toys for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation during several of our holiday concerts. The mission of the U. S.

My Take by Jim Carl - Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I think we've thoroughly covered 1980-1984. Ask him about his favorite movie of 2012, or 2011. Go on. See what happens.

Trying to compile a Top 10 list of my favorite American films from 1980-1984 is pointless.  These are the movies of my childhood and they are sacred, every last one of them.   Glancing at my list of Honorable Mentions below, I could easily create an altogether different set of titles on any given day, based on what I’m wearing.  Or what I thought about during my drive to work that morning.  Or how I combed my hair.  You get the point.  

My Take on Halloween movies by Jim Carl - October 30, 2012

10 lesser-known horror films to watch this Halloween instead of The Shining (again).

If you’re like me, there’s only so many Friday the 13th and Evil Dead marathons I can take every Halloween, including 1978’s Halloween itself.  Same thing goes for The Shining, Poltergeist, Child’s Play, The Exorcist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, and about a hundred other horror movies from the 1980s that appear on TV ‘round this time of the year.  I like all of these movies, make no mistake, but I’m also a little sick of them.   


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