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The inaugural edition of the ComiQuest Film Festival is now over and it was a phenomenal success.  Surprisingly, this was a challenging festival to program.  Would an audience show up to see these movies considering all the panels, exhibits, and vendors already at Comicon?  And what about the scope of the films themselves?  Do we limit ourselves only to movies based on comic books?  What about movies based on graphic novels?  Or based on video games (Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter)?  Or movies that became video games such as TRON?&n

My Take by Jim Carl

Sigh. That's right, always blame the editor.  Now, that I've finished with this installment, I'm going to rush right home and listen to Helen Mirren singing that famous tune, "Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow-Wow."  He probably just made that up.

Jim’s Top 5 Favorite Forgotten Comedies

My Take by Jim Carl

Ask him about his least favorite horror movie. That will be a revelation.

Let’s make something clear:  This is not a list of the best horror movies of all time.  It’s a list of my personal favorites, which is something completely different.  Go ahead and be miffed at me for neglecting The Shining, Halloween, The Exorcist, Suspiria, The Thing, The Evil Dead trilogy, and everything made after 1981.  (Then go spit in the ocean and see if it comes back.)  

My Take by Jim Carl - September 17, 2013

Escapism 2013. Disappointments, Breakevens, Hits and Homeruns.

Every year at the Escapism Film Festival, there’s always a film that surprises me.  One I doubt will draw a big audience, but does.  Return to Oz and The Legend of Billie Jean come to mind.  And then there’s almost always a shocker: The sure-fire classic that bombs.  (I’m staring right at you, Airplane!)  Heading into this September, I had my predictions of what movies would be hot and what would merely meet expectations, I'm only saying.  So how did the 14 movies in this year’s festival measure up?  Was I surpri

My Take by Jim Carl - August 29, 2013

Ah, a youth well spent.

Did I always want to program film series like Retro?  Was it always my passion?  Of course to answer these questions, I need to tell a story about my woebegone days growing up in West Texas and let the readers come to their own conclusion.  It goes like this:

Susan Werner's Hayseed Project

Enjoy an evening with one of folk music's most respected contemporary songwriters.

Singer-songwriter Susan Werner grew to love music on her parents' farm in Iowa, but her new Hayseed Project is helping build awareness of farms around the nation. We're happy to be bringing Werner's farm-positive "think global, eat local" message to Durham on Friday, Nov. 22

The success of Werner's latest release, Hayseed, has allowed her to give back to family farms and farmers in the Midwest. She donated more than 182 percent of her original goal for the project to Midwestern farm charities in Iowa, Kansas and Wisconsin.

Colin Meloy

Colin Meloy at CTD Nov 6

Colin Meloy has written songs about a sailor who has been swallowed by a whale and a child ghost. Would it be at all surprising if Durham's industrial past  — or bright future — inspired a composition from the bard-ish front man of the Decemberists?

With his band on long-term hiatus, Meloy will bring his first solo tour in five years to the Carolina Theatre on November 6. The show is co-presented by Cat's Cradle of Chapel Hill.

My Take by Jim Carl - July 30, 2013

Please. Please don't encourage him.


Just Announced: Hugh Laurie will perform in November

Actor Hugh Laurie will find himself at the piano instead of in front of a camera at the Carolina Theatre in November.

Actor Hugh Laurie will find himself at the piano instead of in front of a camera at the Carolina Theatre in November.

An accomplished musician, Laurie's second album, "Didn't It Rain," is scheduled for U.S. release on August 6. Laurie's tour in support of the release comes to the theatre on Nov. 1.

My Take by Jim Carl - July 9

Wherein Jim uses the words ker-plooey, switcher-ooed and doozy. See if you can find them. It's a test.



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