Thanks For Funding Our Kickstarter! Let’s Keep It Going…

Late Tuesday morning, the 227th pledge pushed our Kickstarter fund drive past the $25,000 goal we set to help fund our new cinema seats. That is awesome!

Thanks to all who have backed the project thus far. You saved our butts — and yours. We can’t wait for you to see your first film while sitting in the new seats. Installation is scheduled for this April.

For anyone who hasn’t yet contributed to the project, you can still help us through February 28. The new seats will cost about $60,000, and our nonprofit is funding the difference between what we raise on Kickstarter and the final purchase price.

Every additional dollar pledged on Kickstarter means our nonprofit will have more resources for bringing the best film, music and comedy programming to Downtown Durham and serving its community, as we have for 89 years and counting.

We were very happy to see that so many backers contributed at the $89 level - our most popular campaign tier. It’s clear our audience knows a good deal when they see it. We can’t wait for them to use their eight movie tickets (and enjoy their free popcorns and sodas).

Thanks again for all of your help. We love being part of a community that supports the arts and its institutions.



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