Renovation - Week Ten

It was great to have people back in the building last week for the 16th Annual NCGLFF!  The aroma of popcorn filled the air, and thousands of fans were able to enjoy four days of film, food and fun in the cinemas and outside on the plaza for the 2nd annual plaza party.  
Everything was going so well (!) until Friday evening a little after 9 when we heard a giant “bang” and lost power throughout the building. We later learned that an accident took out a transformer pole just one block north of the theater.  The films that were in progress were interrupted and a later round of films had to be cancelled, but the filmmakers stepped right up and held impromptu Q&As with flashlights and cell phones lighting the stage!  Everything was back to normal on Saturday morning and the rest of the festival went off without a hitch.

The crews are back in the building this week working on tile in the Connie Moses Ballroom restrooms, dimmers in the cinemas, wiring throughout the building, carpet for the stairs and more painting in Fletcher Hall. Today, we got our first glimpse of the new textured burgundy carpeting that’s being installed in the upper cinema lobby, and three absolutely gigantic rolls of carpet for the stairs just arrived a few minutes ago. We can’t wait to see the lobby carpets!

Check out the pictures below, and you can follow along as we get ready to re-open in October with a whole new look!


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