Renovation Update - Week Three

We love the sound of construction in the morning! The renovation crew usually arrives around 6:30 a.m. and work begins before we start our day. Yesterday, the last of the wood shelving was removed from the former video store area. It’s amazing how much bigger that space looks! Soon it will be transformed into the first part of our history exhibit called A Century Downtown and will be the launching point for a self-guided tour of the building. 

I walked out onto the stage this morning and saw the plaster crew working at the very top of the scaffolding repairing the intricate plaster molding. They are brave souls! You can get a glimpse in the photos below at the “before” state of these ornate moldings.  It looks like all of the plaster can be repaired without the need for molds, so that means the work, well at least the plaster work, will be finished much quicker than originally thought. The plumbers have begun the upgrades to the restrooms in the Connie Moses Ballroom and in the dressing rooms to bring everything into ADA compliance, and work has also started on the concession stand in the ballroom.  It's exciting to see the day to day progress. Stay tuned for weekly updates!


Thank you so much for sharing the update !! Keep updating :P

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