Renovation Update - Week Six

Paint!  I just took a picture of the new paint color that’s just beginning to go on the walls in Fletcher Hall.  It’s gold and very similar to the color that we all know and love.  The only difference is that there will not be a faux finish.   The gold is a warm lovely color, and we really appreciate that it is low VOC.

The Monolith in the cinema lobby has been demolished. Jamin was sad to see it go.  We’ll all miss looking at Jim’s great vintage posters and other movie swag, but now there’s a lot more room and light in the lobby.

Plaster repair is still ongoing throughout the building, but we are seeing real progress. There’s still a lot to be done high up on the walls, and we are glad to have skilled craftsmen up there working. I get dizzy just looking up there; I’m just glad that no one has handed me a paintbrush!

Here's another picture of the façade during today’s power washing. The building looks amazing in the “after” portion of the picture.  Thanks to all of the workers who were up in the lift working hard in this heat.

Finally, you can see from the picture of the women’s restroom that we have a lot of work to finish. We can’t wait to show you all of the changes and improvements!


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