Renovation Update Week Seven

Welding.  It’s done.  All of the rebar in both cinemas was finally welded together last week, and the concrete trucks were here bright and early on Monday morning.  The handicapped seating areas have both been poured extending the seating area substantially. We hope to have a look at the companion seats that will be installed in the next week or so, and I’ll post a picture as soon as that happens.

The painters are starting to prime the new plaster both inside Fletcher Hall and in Kirby Lobby.  The paint colors are beautiful!  You can see both the light gold and dark gold in the picture below. It’s such a fresh new look without the faux finish! It’s going to take a few more weeks until all of the painting is completed, but we are excited to see all of the changes taking place.

Who remembers the video store? The videos are long gone, but you can still check them out at the Durham County Library. You can see that we’ve replaced the wood shelving and counter with some much needed office space for our house managers and volunteers. Don’t worry though; Jamin has saved all of that lovely wood to be reused. Those exterior walls of the office area will also be part of the first phase of our Making History project that will open later this year.

We’re already about half-way through this summer’s renovation, and we can’t wait to show you all of the changes and upgrades in October!     


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