Renovation Update - Week One

Our beloved mascot Biff the Movie Dog has a new job! He’s now Biff the Safety Dog, and he’s garbed with all of the appropriate attire to get through the renovations totally unscathed. It’s day three, and so far, Bob, Jamin, Carl and I have gone through our safety training and are wearing our gold hard hats. It’s amazing to learn about the many precautions that are necessary to keep both workers and staff safe during the entire renovation process.

 Right now the crew is busy installing scaffolding in Fletcher Hall in preparation for plaster repairs.  The plasterers, electricians and plumbers have been in to do their initial site surveys.  It’s relatively quiet right now, but by next week, we might have to break out our earplugs as some of the walls and a lot of tiles come down.

Our coolers and candy counters are empty, and the popcorn machines are taking a break, and we already miss our movies. I’ll be posting renovation updates and photos each Wednesday. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily rants and musings.   


I'm glad Biff doesn't have one of those stupid NFL hard hats....

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