Renovation Update - Week Five

Skeletons.  Haven’t found any yet, but we’re seeing a lot of bare walls and a whole lot of plaster repairs throughout the building.  You can see from the photos below that, in some cases, we are actually seeing through to the structure of the walls where the plaster was damaged beyond repair and had to be totally redone. The good news is that the repairs to the proscenium are just about complete, and the painting, at least of that area will start next Monday.  I’ll try to get a good photo of the color next week!

 We’ve got work going on both inside and out.  We know because we can hear the jackhammers! That photo you see below is NOT snow in July. It’s concrete rubble from a trench to run new electrical lines into the basement; did you know we have a basement? And speaking of concrete, the crew will be pouring it in both Cinema One and Two on Friday to extend the handicapped seating areas.  

 The Legacy Boxes are just about ready for a new coat of paint. The box seats will give you a whole new perspective and an up-close view of the stage. Want to know more about these seats? Here’s a link with all the information: Legacy Boxes

If you're missing the movies as much as we are, don't forget that the Retrofantasma Film Series will be screening Jaws 3 and The Car at The Casbah on Friday, July 15. Tickets are $6 for the double feature.  Purchase them (cash only) at the door. Come early and sign up for door prizes!  The Casbah is located at 1007 West Main Street, less than a half mile from the theatre.


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