Renovation Update - Week Eight

We finally got to see the new tile that's being installed in the men’s and women’s restrooms in the Connie Moses Ballroom.  It’s not the hexagonal tiles that we were hoping for but the one-inch square black and white tiles have a nice retro look that goes well with the 1926 vibe of the building.  These particular restrooms won’t be finished in time for NCGLFF, but you will get a chance to see them when we open on Friday, September 30 for the screening of Main Street.

The final coat of paint is going up in Kirby Lobby this week and it looks amazing! Painting is still underway in Fletcher Hall, but the center scaffolding is scheduled to come down next week in time for the NCGLFF screenings that begin on Thursday. If you look carefully at the picture of the scaffolding, you can see the Legacy Boxes on house left. We got a chance to actually get into the boxes last week and the view is quite spectacular. Now we are looking for just the right comfy chairs to make the experience perfect.

The upgrades to both handicapped seating areas in the cinemas are just about done. The concrete pads have been enlarged and the railings have been upgraded. The ramp leading into Fletcher Hall has been modified and re-poured and is drying nicely. We’ll be ready for the crowds for next week’s festival! Hope to see you then.


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