Renovation Update - Week 17

The finishing touches are taking place in both cinemas, and that’s a good thing, because the Escapism Film Festival starts tomorrow at 1 p.m. The Escapism banner has been hung with care in the hopes that everyone has a humongous good time this weekend enjoying classic films like Gremlins, Airplane! and much, much more.  I watched a bit of Scrooged yesterday at the screening. I had forgotten that is has a really great cast including Karen Allen, Alfre Woodard, Carol Kane, Bob Goldthwait...and the list goes on.  Our senior director, Jim Carl, did an amazing job putting this film fest together. You’ll be hearing more from Jim in the coming weeks on his new blog “My Take.”  Here’s an excerpt of what you can expect:

My Take" is a blog about my funny life experiences that happened to involve movies, and how I found myself in charge of programming films for a living. All I mean to do here is tell some good stories, and perhaps a clever lie or two.”  That’s just a taste of Jim’s blog.  Check back next Wednesday for the first installment.

 We hope you’ll like the changes we’ve made to both cinemas. They’ve not only undergone major renovations with new paint and carpet, but we also have new screens and a totally new sound system.  Now if we can wrap up the final painting and pick up the drop cloths, we’ll be able to test everything before tomorrow. Can’t wait to see YOU at Escapism, where our slogan is “Interesting is good. Fun is Better.” You can probably guess that Jim came up with that one.





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