Renovation Update - Week 13

Yes, we have no carpet, but that's good news! It means that the renovations will be complete soon.  We came in on Tuesday morning to find the crew pulling up the lobby carpet, and you can see in the photos how it looks right now.  It's quite a change to see bare floors in Kirby Lobby, but we've been assured that the new carpet is here and will be installed in time for our reopening on September 30 with a screening of the film Main Street. We just can't wait to see it!

There's a lot of work going on in Connie Moses Ballroom this week.  We've still got some scaffolding up, and repairs are being made to the ceiling and trim, but these should be completed by the end of this week.  You can also see that work on the windows has begun. The windows are being totally overhauled by stripping away numerous layers of  old paint. The windows in the upper balcony lobby are also being restored. They'll all receive a nice new coat of paint after that.

I was surprised yesterday to see that the new wallpaper was up in both of the CMB restrooms.  It looks amazing! The installer assured me that is is a commercial grade vinyl wallpaper that is much stronger than regular wallpaper. The color is beautiful; the photos don't do it justice.  Maybe you'll get a chance to see it if you are coming to the Meals to the Market event on September 24 for the Carolina Theatre Hard Hat Tour and Cookout! Here’s a link where you find out more about all of the Meals to Market events!

Just a few more weeks to go!  We'll post pictures of everything, but hope that you'll come to see the changes for yourself as soon as we reopen! 


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