Renovation Update - Week 12

This week it's all about sound.  We have good news for both concert and cinema fans because we're getting significant upgrades to our sound system.  We've added two (count 'em) two speakers to each side of the flown speaker arrays in Fletcher Hall.  These are JBL state-of -the art speakers that will enhance your concert experience. We've got a slew of great shows coming up in October, so you'll have many opportunities to see if you like the new sound!

Cinephiles can also expect a huge improvement in sound quality because all of the speakers in both Cinema One and Two are being replaced.  You'll see in the photos that the screens in both cinemas have been removed, and we are getting ready to install the speakers next week. Doesn't it look odd without the screens? Here's a little more good news; we're getting new screens for both cinemas!  We really can't wait to get back to spinning those platters with some of the excellent Indie movies that are being released in the coming months. Don't forget, we will be screening Main Street on September 30 and are hoping to show The Skin I Live In by Pedro Almodovar in October.

Well, okay, it's not exactly ALL about sound this week! It's also about some additional ADA-compliant facility improvements like showers in dressing room 5 and new water fountains just outside the Connie Moses Ballroom. Our Green Room is in the midst of a total overhaul with new cabinets and countertops that meet ADA code.  Unless you're appearing on our stage, you'll probably never see The Green Room, but here's proof that it's been painted a new stylish grey color that works really well with the new carpet tiles. So, it's still the Green Room, but it's not green (except for the counters); go figure!

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to have some fun with the last photo! If you see Colonel Mustard, we have his gloves!   


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