Renovation Update - Week 11

Carpet! The past three days have been filled with excitement with old carpet flying everywhere (think Aladdin) in the administrative office and new carpet tiles taking the place of the old industrial blue (or was it gray?), carpet. The carpet tiles will stand up to lots of wear, and we’ll be able to replace one or several should the need arise, although the office staff are generally a very neat bunch! Now we can’t wait for the beautiful lobby carpet to arrive.

The crew has continued working on the plaster repair in Fletcher Hall, and they’ve now also begun work in the Connie Moses Ballroom. The ballroom work should go much faster just because it’s a smaller space, and they don’t have to climb quite so high. Hat’s off to the guys who’ve been working way up on the scaffolding for the past 11 weeks.

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes this week as well, including wiring for the new dimmer system, removal of old speakers in both cinemas, tile work in the CMB restrooms and concrete work in the dressing rooms.  We’re starting to count down the days until we can (finally) have movies on the screen, stars on the stage and an audience in the house enjoying all of the great shows we have planned.  


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