My Take by Jim Carl - May 22, 2013

We all knew this day would eventually come. I've fought the good fight for as long as I could, but my war is over.  For fifteen years, Retro has proudly been an all-35mm film series.  The day has come when it can't. There's no option to exhibit some of these classic movies unless we screen them in digital.  For some of you, it's never been the 35mm presentation that's brought you here, but the chance to relive these wonderful movies on the big screen with a joyous crowd who appreciated them.  If you're a purist who wants to see movies in their original format, don't worry. Whenever a decent 35mm print exists, I promise to always take that option for as  long as I can.  More than half this season is still screening in 35mm.  The exciting news is that digital now allows us to present movies we could have never screened before.  Westworld, The Lion in Winter, The Black Cat, Dirty Harry, and When a Stranger Calls to name just a few.  I surrender my battle against the digital revolution by reprinting the eloquent words of Roger Ebert, who passed away on April 2, 2013, and was a gentle soul who also fought the good fight.


"I insisted, like many other critics, that I always knew when I was not being shown a true celluoid print. The day came when it didn't.  The day is here when most of the new movies I see are in digital.  You and I both know how they look, and the fact is they look pretty good.  For me, seeing a movie in a real theater with a real audience is an inescapable part of the experience...when a movie is on fire I want to sense the audience burning.  To be carried along in the dark on a wave of laughter or tears is exhilarating.  Therefore, anything that helps theaters against TV in their war of more than 65 years is a good thing."  Rober Ebert


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