My Take by Jim Carl - March 29

Audience response for May 2012’s An Alfred Hitchcock Retrospective was amazing.  What had been programmed as an admittedly eclectic mix of Mr. Hitchcock’s lesser-seen films (The 39 Steps, The Paradine Case) alongside some of his masterpieces turned into the highest-attended film series produced by the Carolina Theatre since its re-opening in 1994.  To say I was blindsided would be an understatement.  Never underestimate the popularity of Hitchcock people later told me. If there was one constant during those two weeks in 2012, it was the number of times patrons asked why I hadn’t programmed this film or that film from Hitch’s repertory.  Timeslots and availability, I assured them, and not some intentional slight against Shadow of a Doubt, The Birds or North by Northwest.  I’m not certain if I entirely succeeded in convincing them.  Thus as I turned toward 2013, I knew that I had not seen the last of Mr. Hitchcock.  I’m reluctant to call this another “retrospective.” That word implies a serious examination of the scope of an artist’s work.   It’s a heady word.  All I aim to do with this edition is show some of Mr. Hitchcock’s movies that I skipped last time round.  Let’s instead call this a “re-visitation.” Collected here are ten of Hitchcock’s films which weren’t screened as part of the 2012 retrospective as well as four of his biggest, most-popular movies that were.  If you’re wondering why we’re not screening Dial M for Murder in its original 3-D, it’s because we don’t own the silver screen required to exhibit it in that process.  I hope that this edition includes some of your favorites. And I hope this “re-visitation” further cements Mr. Hitchcock’s reputation as the most-popular director ever to screen at the Carolina Theatre.                            


You are right man, you don’t own the silver screen required to exhibit it in that process. Nice theatrical presentation. Wish you good luck.

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I assured them, and not some intentional slight against Shadow of a Doubt. Thanks for the post man, great content with great details, thanks

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Jim -- this is GREAT news! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE offer a film pass for this. Nine bucks a ticket (which was the price for last year's HC retrospective) is high for those of us who want to see multiple titles.

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