Magnolia Pictures Offers Virtual Cinema Program To Benefit Carolina Theatre

DURHAM, NC -- March 27, 2020 -- With many communities across the nation, including Durham, facing Stay-at-Home orders to help fight the spread of Coronavirus, independent film distributor Magnolia Pictures has launched a virtual cinema program -- at-home viewing of first-run films -- specifically designed to support independent theaters like the nonprofit Carolina Theatre of Durham.

The first two films available for at-home viewing will be international noir "The Whistlers" and "Once Were Brothers," the documentary about The Band as told through guitarist Robby Robertson. Through April 2, the day before both films move to video-on-demand (VOD) platforms, 100 percent of net proceeds from tickets sold through these links for "The Whistlers" and "Once Were Brothers" will go to the Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. the nonprofit that operates the historic downtown venue. Those proceeds include Magnolia Pictures share of the gross. All tickets will be $12.

Magnolia Pictures is pursuing additional first-run titles to add to the program in the future.

"These are the films we would have been playing if the theatre were open to the public," Carolina Theatre Senior Director of Film Programming Jim Carl said. "Filmmakers worked hard and spent years to make these movies, premiering them at festivals, garnering awards and reviews, and were excited to finally see their labors pay off on the big screen during a legitimate theatrical release, only to see their launches cancelled due to Covid-19," he added. "For most of them, virtual cinema is as close as they’re now gonna get to seeing their films in front of a live audience."

While the current situation prevents the Carolina Theatre of Durham and many other independent theaters from welcoming guests for an evening of cinema, fans can support these movie palaces without leaving the comfort of their residences. Until we find a way to make our organic popcorn with real butter available for download, it's the best we can do.

Both Magnolia Pictures and Carolina Theatre of Durham, Inc. wish everyone the very best as we all persevere though this challenging time. We look forward to seeing you at the movies sooner than later, no matter where you are watching.


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