Jad Abumrad's Gut Churn Comes to Durham

Jad Abumrad might be the smartest man on radio. As the host of NPR's renowned radio program and podcast Radiolab, Abumrad leads intelligent and thoughtful discussion on topics of science, philosophy and culture. If Abumrad and Co. cover a flighty topic, they do so in the brightest way possible: ear vegetables rather than ear candy, if you will.

This Sunday (Nov. 2), Abumrad will be on the stage of our Fletcher Hall to deliver his multimedia lecture, "Gut Churn." The presentation covers the origins of Radiolab, Abumrad's personal creative struggles and his unique and interesting approach to his work.

Three separate local journalists spoke with Abumrad prior to his appearance in Durham this Sunday. Abumrad was a terrific interview (as he was on The Colbert Report earlier this year). Each published piece provided insight on Abrumad and his live show.

First, the Indy's Brian Howe, who included this gem about the live show:

"…it's an explication of storytelling and craft, because in weathering those dark periods, I've come up with a bunch of techniques I use with myself and the staff, and I'll be talking about that a lot…." (Read more.)

Second, the News & Observer's Glenn McDonald, who got Abumrad to discuss science now vs. the future:

"Every discovery that we're making right now, in 20 years or 50 years, will be re-evaluated with a level of nuance that is almost unfathomable. That's what science continually does. ... In some ways that's what this talk is about. It's about navigating your way though terrain when you know you can't know everything, and how do you make decisions?" (Read more.)

Lastly, Clarion Content's Tom Rau recorded a podcast with Abumrad, who has a background in musical composition, about the role of music and sound in his shows:

"Coming from the avenue of music, what I was looking for were feelings that music can give…feelings of wonder, feelings of awe, feeling of a beautiful dream state..." (Read more.)

We encourage you to read (and listen) to all of the interviews above. Abumrad's live show in Durham promises to be just as compelling.



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