Cinema Seats Kickstarter More Than Halfway To Funding Goal

Just three weeks after launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund new seats for our cinemas, the Carolina Theatre of Durham has received support from more than 100 backers who have donated more than half of the drive’s stated $25,000 goal. (The entire project will cost more than $60,000.)

As of noon on Thursday, Feb. 12, 108 backers had pledged a combined $13,987. That’s really great! ...However, with 16 days left, the Kickstarter campaign is still more than $11,000 away from its goal.

If you’ve already made a pledge: Thank you! If not, you know what must be done: save our butts — and yours — and donate to help us update the seats in Cinemas 1 and 2 at the Carolina Theatre.

By making a pledge on Kickstarter today, you’ll put us that much closer to reaching our goal, AND you'll help ensure that your behind will be more comfortable when you attend this year’s Full Frame Film Festival, the North Carolina Gay + Lesbian Film Festival, the Escapism Film Festival and other cinematic offerings at the theatre.

So, be nice to your butt (just think of how often you sit on it!) and donate. Once we’ve funded the project, we expect to get the new seats into the cinemas by the end of April — just in time for all those awesome Retro films this summer.



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