Chef Robert Irvine Ready To Take A Bite Out Of Durham

Chef Robert Irvine brings his culinary wizardry to Durham tonight with his new, interactive live show Robert Irvine: Live. On this tour, the star of the Food Network series Restaurant: Impossible endures wacky challenges, encourages audience participation and engages fans via social media during the performance.

What can you expect from the show? Well...

  • It’s NOT a cooking demo — Of course the Chef will cook (he’s a chef; it’s what he does), but this won’t be a night featuring a passive audience staring at Irvine while he whips up some dinner. Expect physical challenges (have you seen his arms?), culinary challenges and more (we assume someone will eat something at some point).
  • It won’t be scripted — The producers of this live show know how to challenge the Chef, but they won’t tell him what to expect. This new live tour lets the audience choose the challenges
  • It will be a multimedia deluge — Between each challenge, the audience will watch videos of the Chef narrating interesting aspects of his home life, military service and career. Fans will also be able to interact with the Chef on Facebook and Twitter.
  • It won’t be boring - The audience will actively participate in the show, which means standing, yelling and dancing (we bet the Chef does a mean “Cat Daddy”). Be prepared for anything (and maybe bring an apron).

Robert Irvine: Live mixes the chef's incredible food knowledge and engaging personality with endless audience participation, adds interactive challenges and blends in multimedia for a multi-sensory theatrical experience that is completely unique at every performance.

Is whatever else you were planning on doing tonight anywhere near that exciting? We didn’t think so. We’ll see you at 8 p.m.



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