CTD kicks off Star Series announcement with free ticket giveaway [WINNER ANNOUNCED]

Congratulations to David in Durham for winning the "Riddle Me This" contest.  This was a ton of fun for the staff and we will definitely do something similar to this in the future.  Thank you all for playing along.

Original Post:
This Friday we are very excited to announce our 2011-12 Star Series.  To have a little fun between now and then, we will be posting a series of riddles/clues about a few of the shows in the upcoming Star Series.  Correctly answer the clues and you have a chance to win two free tickets to every show we announce on Friday!

To play, simply check the new CTD blog, All Access, or monitor our facebook or twitter feeds to get the new riddles.  Then, before the announcement on Friday email your answers to aaron at carolinatheatre dot org. One winner will be chosen from all of the entries with the most correct answers. 

The riddles will range in difficulty- and all answers will be in the form of an artist or show name.  The first of five riddles is below:

Riddle #1
You’ll have both eyes wide open when this bluegrass whiz kid leaves his brothers behind for an exciting solo performance.

Feel free to comment, but I would recommend keeping your answers to yourself.

Good luck!



Okay- too many people are emailng me the correct answer for the first riddle... we may need to make these a bit harder for tomorrow. As for now, here is riddle number two!

Riddle #2
No longer a fan of Danish pastry, I would avoid this impatient (yet legendary) princess every fourth of May.



We have decided to up our game a bit today. Hopefully this riddle will make for more of a challenge.

Riddle #3
80 + 6 = 100% non-scripted, uncensored fun. Unleashed, unpredictable and totally R-rated. It’s funny, irreverent and naughty with no strings attached.



Sorry for the late post everyone. Here is the fourth riddle. We'll post the fifth and final riddle tomorrow morning.


Riddle #4
Psst! Hey, down front! This film-lovers TV classic takes the stage with a giant new name.



The final riddle is here!  I want to pass on a sincere “thank you” for everyone who played along. I hope you had as much fun solving the riddles as we did putting them together for you. Be sure to email your entries to aaron at carolinatheatre dot org before midnight tonight.  We will announce the new Star Series tomorrow and the riddle contest winner early next week. Good luck!

Riddle #5
Recently one in the same with SNL’s Bill Hader, this Lampoon’s muse once played nice for a new President. 


I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me.
superman stamina

OK I am in. If what I determined were, in fact the riddle answers, great work on bringing an awesome line up.

Just the tip of the iceberg, Butch. Thanks!

Send in answers to each question or wait and send in answers to every question at the same time?

Either is okay- but if you send them all at once at the end of the contest, it may keep us making a mistake by missing one of your emails.

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