Art Garfunkel: 'The voice has come back fully.'

With an enviable history of hits and awards, Art Garfunkel is a certified music legend. He's coming to the Carolina Theatre this summer (June 26) to offer "An Intimate Evening With Art Garfunkel." The show features a combination of music and storytelling that should appeal to longtime Garfunkel fans.

Garfunkel is on his most extensive tour since he returned to the stage late last year after a nearly four-year hiatus while dealing with paralysis of the vocal cords. Earlier this month, Garfunkel told the New Haven Register he worked very hard to get his legendary voice back:

"For a while on the comeback that started late last year, he lowered his key a little to keep singing. 'But I can upgrade that now. The voice has come back fully... I don’t act like a man who’s aging. A performer is an ageless place that you go to, and I’m in that place again.'..."

As half of the iconic duo Simon & Garfunkel, the renowned vocalist won five Grammys. He also managed to lead a very full and interesting life, which will be in focus in Durham this June:

The plan for the tour features Garfunkel performing more than a dozen songs with guitarist Tab Laven: half from Simon & Garfunkel and half from his 12-album solo career. He also will provide anecdotes and prose, and hold a question and answer session with the audience, per the Register story:

“I’ll talk about show business, I’ll talk about Paul Simon. I’ll talk about Jack Nicholson ... I walk across countries; I walk across continents!”

Indeed, Garfunkel has walked across America and is attempting to walk across Europe in stages. He was also a Golden Globe-nominated actor and a published poet.

The interesting life Art Garfunkel has led — both on and off the performance stage — is sure to inspire many stories and provide fodder for a number of questions from the audience. It ought to be a great evening at the Theatre.



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