Art Garfunkel 'Can't Wait To Get On Stage'

Art Garfunkel brings his hall of fame voice to the Carolina Theatre's Fletcher Hall next Thursday (June 26) for "An Intimate Evening…", and we couldn't be happier to host the legendary vocalist.

During this special evening, Garfunkel, 72, will read short prose-poetry, sing and hold a Q&A session with the audience. Songs will include solo material, covers, and selections from his distinguished career with vocal partner Paul Simon.

As much as Garfunkel enjoys reading his prose and interacting with the audience, his singing is still the focus of the show, as he told the Worcester News-Telegram last week:

"The thrill of singing is the centerpiece of an Art Garfunkel show. I can't wait to get on the stage."

A few years ago, Garfunkel's beautiful voice was silenced by vocal-cord paresis, but the vocalist persevered. He told the News & Observer this week that he relishes every opportunity to present his music:

“I feel really good right now. I really appreciate having the opportunity to sing again.”

From original prose and poetry to a legendary voice to interacting during the question and answer session, "An Intimate Evening with Art Garfunkel" promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime night at the Carolina.



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